Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Oh yah, this blog!!! Hmm, Oops. I would try to come up with a good excuse for being MIA but there really isn't one. So once again I will do the very brief point form recap: Xterra Richmond - All things considered a solid race. I didn't beach myself in the middle of the James river during the swim and managed to get out with the lead men. I also didn't manage to put much time on the rest of the women (not that I expected to with the stupid short swim). I biked well but couldn't even come close to matching Mel, Shonny, and Renata and headed onto the run in 4th. Ran strong but once again couldn't hold off Emma and rounded out the podium in 5th. Ryan added to the drama of the weekend by completely destroying his knee in a freak bike crash and ended up having to have surgery to repair most of the tendons in it once he got back home. It was a late night drive home for us pulling into Detroit around 3am. Pretty fried after back to back races Gareth and I decided it was probably a good time to throw in a nice mid-season week off. Belwood Lake Triathlon - Since I wasn't going to be racing the last of the Xterra Cup races in Beaver Creek (simply not enough oxygen for me to bother going) and the next Xterra race isn't until late August, I decided to throw in a couple of local road tri's for fun. My sister and I headed out to Belwood Lake for the Subaru Triathlon Series race there on July 18th. What a joy to be able to sleep in my own bed before the race and what a great venue, probably the smoothest roads I have ever raced on. Took the win ahead of Angela Quick from the Provincial Training Center here in Guelph. Sista took 3rd in her AG. Muskoka Triathlon - I raced this race way back when I was an age grouper just getting started in Triathlon. It was at this race I met Tereza Macel and Donna Phelan who convinced me to step it up and race as a pro. I have put this race on my schedule so many times in the years since then but just haven't seemed to be able to do it, so this year I was super excited that it fit nicely into the schedule largely due to it being later in the year than normal. (perhaps the only good thing about the G8 in Huntsville!!!) The women's pro field wasn't quite what it has been in the past with the usual suspects out with injuries or training overseas but it was nice to take the win anyways. I had a great race, strong from start to finish, taking 11th overall. (Somebody has to keep the boys honest)

Up this weekend the Windsor Triathlon, then back to Xterra to finish off the season.