Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bad Luck Comes in 3's

After some extensive research (aka procrastinating by looking up useless information on the internet) it seems there is really no historical basis for the saying bad luck comes in 3's.  Go figure.  I did find this somewhat unrelated but interested tidbit about soldier's superstitions on lighting 3 cigarettes with one match being bad luck, at least for the third soldier:

"The explanation of the origin of the custom is that British soldiers, entrenched against Dutch foes in the Boer War, learned by bitter experience of the danger of lighting three cigarettes from one match.  When the men thriftily used one match to serve three of them, they gave the Boer sniper time to spot the light, take aim and fire, killing 'the third man'."

No matter, I am assuming that the saying is true and therefore my bad luck is officially over for a very, very long time.  Let's recap, for those of you joining in for the first time :)

1 - September, day after Xterra Nationals, big MTB crash in Park City on the Crest Trail resulting in an avulsion elbow fracture, slightly torn triceps tendon and nasty ass infected cut.  Took me out of Xterra Worlds and about six weeks of recovery time before even thinking about doing any kind of training.

2 - January, after putting in some amazing winter base training in November and December I came down with a bit of a cold.  Took a couple of days off then decided enough was enough and headed out for a MTB ride while still under the weather (bad idea).  Totally pilled it up on one of the easiest sections of trail, lots of cuts and bruises, chipped bottom tooth and a really sore shoulder.  I suspected a torn rotator cuff but was hoping I had just slightly dislocated it.  After two weeks of living in denial I finally broke down and headed into the Doc. What do you know....broken shoulder!! Cracked Humeral Head to be exact.  Found this lovely diagram when doing some more extensive research ;) and had to laugh... just insert myself and you pretty much have it!!!  Since I had been going about my life oblivious to the fracture for two weeks already orders where to "be smart" (yep, all over that one) no swimming, no MTBing, no more crashing....

How to break your shoulder MTBing

Number 2
3 - No more crashing... okay, sounds pretty self explanatory.  Now I am quite happy doing a couple of workouts a week on my trainer, but long rides when the weather in Tucson is FABULOUS just isn't going to happen.  And really, I had been riding my road bike out on the roads for two weeks already without any problems.  So, just three days after the broken shoulder diagnosis, Lisa Ribes and I are out riding on a lovely Saturday morning and some moron truck driver decides to run us off the road.  Actually not sure exactly what he was trying to do but that was the end result.  I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he wasn't really trying to kill us but who knows.  There was certainly no oncoming traffic and plenty of space to pass us safely instead of giving me inches AFTER I jumped into the shoulder when he blew the horn a couple of seconds before he nearly plastered me across the front grill.

So there it is, three done and done!!!

Always fun Mt Lemmon group ride
Moving on, coming up on six weeks post fracture and itching to get back in the pool.  Have stayed upright and enjoyed some great rides with all the local and visiting athletes here in Tucson.  Even dusted off the MTB and got in a great easy ride this past weekend!!  Sad to see my winter roomie Branden Rakita head back home, but got to enjoy a fun weekend with Shelby and the visiting Old Pueblo peeps.  Huge congrats to Sarah "crash" Caylor for winning the women's solo at 24HOP (might have to steal your nickname soon!!)

Shelby and Tracy checking out dessert
Back on the trails :)))