Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rehab Fun...

The human body is truly amazing but when you don't move something, perhaps your shoulder, for 6 weeks it effectively stops being able to do so.  I never thought I would be so excited to be able to lift my arm above my head again.  Over the years I have rehab'd two elbows (6 weeks and 2 weeks immobilized) and a neck (12 weeks in a brace) but I have to say this will definitely go down as the worst of the three.  The six weeks in the sling went by surprisingly quickly.  I got thoroughly reacquainted with my bike trainer as well as the elliptical trainer at the gym, and with the exception of a few low moments manage some pretty solid training.  Nothing spectacular, but enough to maintain a pretty descent amount of base fitness.  Also enjoyed some time out with friends including a wonderful Easter Sunday get together with the T-Town crew on the patio at the JW Marriott at Star Pass.  If you are ever in the Tucson area this is definitely the place to enjoy the sunset and a great Margarita!!

Easter Sunday at the JW Marriott, Tucson
My parents also dropped in for a week's visit and we took to opportunity to go up and do the night experience at the Kitts Peak National Observatory.  Definitely a great evening activity if you are looking for something unique to do.  The evening includes watching the sunset, as you have to be up on the mountain before dark so your car headlights don't interfere with the research being done at the various telescopes, and a quick overview of all the facilities and telescopes.  The rest of the evening is spent split into two groups with half star-gazing through binoculars and learning about the constellations and planets, then switching spots and viewing various planets, star clusters etc through one of the telescopes.  The evening concludes with a guided drive down the mountain without headlights!!!

View from the St Kitts National Observatory
While Kitts was exciting the highlight of their trip was definitely the surprise visit of my sister Karen and her BF Bryce.   I almost gave it away during the week but managed to keep it a secret until they walked through the door Friday evening.  With Mother's Day and my father's 70th B-day coming up it was nice to get the whole family together!!! While just a short weekend trip, we did manage a beautiful and hot hike up the phoneline trail in Sabino Canyon then enjoyed dinner on the patio at the Catalina BBQ.

Sabino Canyon hike with the family
On the rehab front after only three sessions I have almost full flexion (front arm raises) and good external shoulder rotation.  I am also doing some isometric strengthening and will progress to abduction (side arm raises) and strengthening with movement in the next week or so.  Running is back to normal and I am slowly introducing riding on the road back into the training schedule.  I have attempted some one-arm swimming and doggie paddle ;) but full swimming and mountain biking are probably a good couple of weeks away!!  I do get some pretty strange looks at the pool to keep me entertained.  So onward I go...