Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Colorado Fun & Pics

Wasn't inspired enough to write a race report for the Xterra Beavercreek race but here are some pics from the experience and much more fun drive home.

Xterra BC Swim Exit @ Trey Garman/Xterra
Xterra BC Bike @ Trey Garman/Xterra
The next photo is where the bike course topped out at about 9,500ft.  It is also about where my head exploded.  My legs had given out about 1000ft lower down.  

There are no pictures of me running because I wasn't actually running.  More like short spells of shuffling between longer spells of walking which is better than the "sitting down with my head between my knees to keep from passing out" that I really wanted to do.

Jenny and I at the top of Leadville 100
 The day after the race I got talked into joining Brian and Jenny Smith for a "spin" on the Leadville 100 course Jenny was going to race a couple of weeks later.  Jenny wanted to do the section from Twin Lakes up to the top of Columbine (at 12,500ft).  Famous last words "it's a fire road climb, big chain ring"  (my A$$)  the last section I was in my smallest gear, chin on my stem just trying to keep my front wheel on the ground.  I though about getting off and walking but from the other riders out there I was passing it looked just as hard or harder to walk.   Admittedly the view from the top was spectacular.  My legs however did take about 5 days to recover!!!

Enjoyed a nice open water swim with the Smith's just outside Gunnison the next day before the long drive back to Tucson.


Million Dollar Highway

Million Dollar Highway

Decided to take the scenic drive home.  Ouray is one of the coolest towns ever and has a great chocolate and coffee shop, bonus.  US 550 or the Million Dollar Highway from Ouray to Silverton was truly a spectacular treat and made the next 10+ hrs of NOTHING worthwhile.  

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