Saturday, March 19, 2011


The 2011 triathlon season starts offically tomorrow for me with the Miami International Triathlon. But first a quick update since I've been MIA since the Desert Duathlon... Tucson has been treating me well and is now permanently home :). While that was always the master plan instead of just my winter training camp, I wanted to make sure everything was going to work out before making it official. I had packed up all my worldly belongings and shipped them out with me in January in anticipation of the move and they now sit in a storage unit waiting for their new home. I will be working with fellow pro-triathlete Lisa Ribes at LJ Designs while still helping out my old firm with some of their residential design work as they need it. I was a bit nervous about how they would take the news of me not coming back to work, but I couldn't have asked for a better situation. I even have an accepted offer on a townhouse that should see me in my own place beginning of May :) For the first time ever I will be able to ride my MTB from my house right to some of the best training trails around, very exciting!!!
Moving on, my FUJI D-6 arrived and after a bit of fiddling, swapping to a smaller size, and lots of work from the guys at Fairwheel Bikes (I did bake them chocolate brownies for their effort) it is now just about dialed in and ready to go. Having not been on a true aero bike in years there will undoubtedly be a few more minor changes in position, but overall super happy with the fit. I have only gotten about 2-3 weeks worth on training on it, so the appropriate muscle groups are still in the process of adapting to the new position, but it's already super speedy.
Last weekend I got to head over to TriSports for tri-fest and meet up with old friends and sponsors. I had a great time chatting with Sandy and Andrew from Extreme Endurance and meeting up with fellow sponsored triathlete Charisa Wernick. This will be my three year using their products and highly recommend giving them a try. (use code bigfish for a 10% discount :)) I'm also super excited to add Champion Systems and Honeystingers as sponsors and will be sporting some terrific new training and race kits design by Kirstin Mayer at Betty Designs. We are still finalizing the designs but I hopefully should have them ready to go early in May.
So I am here in Miami, staying with Hammerhead triathlete Berk Boge in beautiful Coconut Grove. I arrived, bike unscathed, thursday afternoon in time to get in a short set of bike/run intervals in Key Biscayne. Friday was a legs off day with just a short swim and today a quick bike/run/swim with Xterra racer Branden Rakita complete with lunch at 100% Natural, yum :) The women's field only has 14 on the start list but should be very competitive. Sara McLarty is here, so the plan is to try and stay on her feet for the swim and put some time on the rest of the field, then see what I've got on the bike and run!!!
Here we go!!!!

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Iron Bach said...

Great stuff. Great gear (to say the least!).
Have fun