Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cold Weather, Blame the Canuck

The consensus seems to be that since I'm from the north where it is cold that it must be my fault that we are having record cold weather down here in Alabama. Now, however cool it might be to control the jet stream, I'm afraid I can't take credit for it and if I could I certainly wouldn't bring the cold weather to my training camp. I can't complain too much as every email I get from home begins with "it keeps snowing" but that didn't stop me from being completely miserable riding in below freezing temperatures wearing every piece of clothing I brought with me. Other than the weather training is going well. Saturday I headed out bright and early for a local 10mile road race. I don't usually do races for training as I have a hard time not getting caught up in the race and going to hard but I couldn't resist joining some local runners for my long run. Otherwise it is just the standard base workouts that we all know and love. I finally found my camera battery changer so hopefully there will be photos coming soon. Later CJ

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