Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It was supposed to be Happy New Year, a fitting start to my new blog, but that day seems to have past me by. So Happy New Season it is, although that was officially yesterday it will have to do. The new year past me by as I was busy trying to figure out everything I needed for the next three months, then trying to figure out how much of it would fit in my Toyota Echo. Thankfully most of it did, though accelerating on uphill freeway ramps no longer was a possibility. After two days of driving south and leaving all the cold, snowy weather behind, I am here in the deep south staying with my good friend, and fellow Xterra triathlete JR at his home in Alabama. Unfortunately it seems as though some of the bad weather has followed me down and it has been overcast and raining for the past three days and the tornado sirens have been going off all afternoon. At least its warm and wet is still better than riding my trainer and running on the treadmill. I am very excited for this upcoming season, mostly because not only am I healthy and way ahead of where I was this time last year but I finished off last season healthy with a great race at the Xterra World Championships. It has been at least three years since I have been able to finish a season without injury ending it early. It seems a bit late to do a review of the season, so just a quick thank you to Gareth Thomas my coach who not only puts up with me but keeps me on track and training and racing at my best, Kevin Weitzel and everyone at Tribe Multisport in Tempe for all their support, and Brent Ruegamer at Ruesports for the awesome TT bike which I will hopefully race on more often this year. So here it is my first blog, not terribly exciting, but hopefully this will keep everyone up to date throughout the season with what I am doing, something I am really not very good at. Best wishes for the New Year and New Season, CJ

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