Friday, February 6, 2009

New Shoes

I find during base training you have to enjoy and look forward to the little things that break up the otherwise somewhat repetitive and boring training miles. Yesterday was my day off and I got out of town and headed to Tuscaloosa to visit my college swimming teamate Camilla. Her husband got an assistant professor's job at the University of Alabama so the whole family made the move from Phoenix, AZ to 'Bama. We got to spend a couple of hours catching up while the two little ones where at daycare, then headed out to lunch with Emilia 3 and Isaac 1. I have a whole new respect for Mom's.

Ready for nap time!!

Today I got home from swim practice to see a big package delivered for me. Oh ya, new shoes!! This year I am lucking to be training and racing in Pearl Izumi running and biking shoes. We all know they have been making bike shoes forever, but they also make a great line of running shoes. What's even more exciting is they make a trail racing shoe, lightweight enough to race in but still great on trails, can't wait to try them out. (they also come in really cool colours)

Now it's off to Georgia and the Snake Creek Gap MTB Time Trial tomorrow. Will update after the race. CJ

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Shirley said...

Wow.!! What a nice design.. I love those shoes - very sporty!