Thursday, March 12, 2009

Racing begins..

I am always a bit surprised when the first race of the season comes around. It seems to sneak up on me from nowhere. This year I am headed to the Miami International to get the season started. I haven't raced a road triathlon in a while so it should be interesting to see if mountain biking has strengthened my riding or not. I did a short set of intervals on the TT bike earlier this week averaging some end of season like power so I am very optimistic, and with no real pressure on this early in the year it should be a fun trip. The only sucky part is going to be that I have to get up at 2am to drive to the airport. I apparently didn't really think through the scheduling when I booked myself on the 6:10am flight from Charlotte to Miami and take into account it is a 2hr drive from Asheville to Charlotte. Oh well, I get into Miami around 8:30am so lots of time for a nap.
As mentioned I am now in Asheville, North Carolina. Last Friday I packed up all my junk and said goodbye to JR and Ollie, my surrogate family in Alabama for the past two months. I can't believe how much stuff I have with me. My car was certainly near capacity driving down, but I had both bikes inside the car to keep them out of the snow and salt. I don't remember acquiring much stuff while I was there, but somehow now with both bikes on the roof the car was bordering on full again!!! I really don't know how people manage to go on training camps where they have to fly. I would never make it home.

Poor little Toyota, any more stuff and I might have had to pedal my feet flinstone style

Saturday I towed the line again for the last running of the Snake Creek Gap MTB TT, my second time for the season, and what a difference. The conditions where near perfect and much drier than the last time. I also jumped in next to Craig Evans near the front of the waves and avoided getting stuck behind riders up the long single track climbs. Overall I shaved almost 30mins off my official time (about 20mins off my actual riding time as I skipped the tune-up at halfway this time) and had the fastest time for women outside the money class. Willow Koerber, mtb pro stud, showed up and pretty much worked over the women's field with a 3:17.

After the race it was a quick drive up to Asheville. Here I am lucky to be staying with one of the local cyclist/triathletes, Willie, who is also a member of an all women's cycling team based in town. In just a week I have had so many offers from people to show me the local trails and cycling routes I am a bit overwhelmed. I had heard great things about Asheville and how active the city is and it is certainly living up to its reputation. With the race this weekend I have only managed one outing on the trails, but I can't wait to get back and see all there is to offer. Hopefully the snow won't melt too quickly up North so I can spend some more time here. I guess that one is a little out of my control. Anyways, off to bed as 2am is quickly approaching, ouch!!!

The 'Ollie' Dog

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