Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in Alabama in March?!!!

JR's House - Can you believe it?
I woke up yesterday morning and after looking out the window could have sworn that I had been secretly teleported back to Canada. It had snowed about 3 inches overnight and turned everything into a white winter wonderland. All the local kids thought that it was great and snowmen sprouted up on just about every front lawn, even sleds appeared. I was surprised people here even owned them. I have to admit I was not as amused. I know that I am Canadian and as such should be used to this kind of weather, but I really dislike heading out to train in the cold weather, especially when I am down south on training camp. Oh well, my only outdoor workout was a long run so I headed out completely overdressed and ended up overheating for most of the run, figures.
MTB Clinic Classmates Getting out on the trails to practice new skills (still smiling)
It also figures that just as I am about to move training locations the weather is going to be beautiful. I wrapped up my mountain bike clinic in Vegas last weekend and now it is up to me to keep up with practicing all the new drills and techniques I learned. I finally got out for a ride on the trails on Sunday afternoon and besides my brain being completely overloaded it was a fun loop, lots of trail sections cut right into cliff walls and a nice set of whoop-di-doos. The trip home was a total pain in the behind as I had to drive back to LA to drop off the rental car only to fly back to Vegas for a 3hour layover on the way to Birmingham. I didn't end up getting in till 1am. I am finishing up my stay here in Birmingham this week then heading up to Asheville, North Carolina for the last couple of weeks of training before heading home. I have heard such great things about the trails there I couldn't pass up the opportunity to stop and do some training. I am making a short stop over in Dalton, Georgia Friday and Saturday to have another go at the Snake Creek Gap MTB Time Trial. Hopefully it will dry out nicely and the ride won't be quite the mud affair it was the last time.
View of Lake Mead from Bootleg Canyon

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Trevor Glavin said...

Stay warm over there and have fun in NC...the riding is amazing out there!