Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quick Update

Just a quick update because that's all I have time for. Sunday was the Ontario Mountain Bike Provincial Championships and despite a couple of oopsy's and a dropped chain I managed to pull out the win in the Senior Expert Women's division. Congratulations to Holly Whitenight who finished second and took the overall series win by just a point. The weather turned out to be great for racing, a bit overcast but no rain and the course was in great condition. My sister came out to watch, take photos, and handle the feed zone. (thanks) I earned enough points this year to upgrade to elite/pro next year but will have to think pretty hard if that is what I want to do since I use these MTB races mostly for hard training.

Now I am madly trying to finish up work stuff before I get in a quick bike workout then pack for a 7:30am flight tomorrow out to Vancouver for my cousin's wedding. It's already after 7pm. Don't think I am going to get much sleep tonight. Hopefully the flight is pretty empty and quiet and I can catch a good nap on the way. Better remember the earplugs.

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