Friday, January 22, 2010

This Year's Mantra

I saw this painted on the side of a house in Atlanta and just had to take a picture of it. I think the house was being used for some new age enlightenment center or something, but it still made me smile every time I drove by it.
Otherwise the ankle is doing much better. The deep shade of purple has receded to a greeny yellow and the swelling is almost gone. Surprisingly enough with just a bit of shuffling around I managed to get in all my planned training this week, just with the running pushed back a bit. As long as I am running on a flat even surface the ankle is fine. The only thing that still aggravates it is unclipping on the bike and pushing off on flipturns at an angle. So for now no more trail runs unfortunately until everything heals up and the ankle is stable again.
Tomorrow is the first ride out at Oak Mountain on the mtb, can wait. Rumour has it that the Xterra race here is going to happen, so exciting, it really would have been unfortunate to loose it from the schedule.

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Lauren said...

Can I also use that mantra for the year? Love it!!

I hope your ankle heals up and everything is not just "ok" but GREAT this year :)