Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dogs yes, but this?

I have been chased by a lot of dogs on my bike over the years, big ones, smalls ones, all different breeds, packs of them in Arizona, even the local three legged dog here in Alabama (which local lore says brings you good luck for the season). But I had never been chased by one of these!!!

It was a dog bonanza yesterday on the group ride. Dogs are very popular pets down here in Alabama, keeping them leashed or fenced in not so popular. So all the pups were out, most of them just making lots noise and hanging out on the shoulder. It was a constant stream of the lead riders calling out, "Dogs, More Dogs, Dogs in the Road, Rooster". ROOSTER?!!!! No kidding, there he was, the attack rooster, hauling a$$ down the driveway very intend on getting after the group. It was quite possibly one of the funnier things I have seen riding lately. Fortunately he responded very similarly to a dog when yelled at and squirted with water bottles and quickly retreated back to his yard.

Unfortunately, the ride did have some casualties. I have never been happy to drop my chain on a ride until yesterday. On the first climb of the first attack zone my front derailleur, that has developed the irritating habit of shifting, not shifting, and over shifting at seemingly random times, over shifted and dropped my chain inside. Already on the climb, I had to stop and put in back on thus getting completely dropped by the group. Back on the bike I was chasing like mad to limit the damage when I came across the riders I likely would have been right in the middle of had I not been delayed piled up on the ground. Two riders with broken bones and one with severe road rash and a broken bike. Fate was definitely on my side. Hopefully they all heal up quickly. Otherwise another uneventful week of training, steadily getting the base work done.

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