Saturday, February 13, 2010 we would also like to kick your butt!!!!

I wasn't really planning on it, but I stayed up late and watched the entire Winter Olympics opening ceremony and like so many others had goosebumps, was moved to tears and was overwhelmingly proud to be Canadian. The orca whales swimming across the stadium where amazing and KD Lang, WOW. I taped the entire show and I have already gone back and listened to her sing Hallelujah again a couple of times. For those of you that weren't watching the NBC version of the ceremonies, Bob Costas had a great quote about the Canadian goal to "Own the Podium".... On NBC, announcer Bob Costas crafted an observation that many outsiders have made this week about previously mild-mannered Canada's plans to 'own the podium' at these Winter Games: "Some say (the Canadian initiative of Own the Podium and winning the overall medal count) represents a shift in Canadian attitude, to be so openly assertive and ambitious. Canadians as a group are among the most friendliest and most welcoming people on the earth. But I don't see anything incompatible with saying hello, welcome, we're very friendly, we're glad that you're here, we want you to enjoy yourselves and now we would also like to kick your butt" I love it... GO CANADA

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