Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blogging Again

Well the Olympics are over, which is probably a good thing since I was beginning to feel a bit of sports overload, that and I was watching way too much TV and hence not blogging. The weather was finally warming up here in Birmingham until this morning as I woke up to snow flurries after it poured rain all night, guess I will be moving my training indoors today. At least the rest of the week is looking good and should be nice and warm and dry for the Snake Creek Gap on Saturday. I'd really like to hammer out a good ride there and see what I can do.
The Nashville and Atlanta Xterra guys rolled into town last weekend for some training out a Oak Mountain and we got some really good riding in. Omar Fraser takes the prize for throwing down the fastest loop as he even managed to dropped Craig Evans. Omar, you definitely need to step it up to pro this year, no more excuses. Casey Fanin, Mark Rudder and I took a much more leisurely pace to the "BASE" ride and didn't get caught up in the excitement (testosterone) of the moment. We all met up later for a fun cookout at JR's Saturday night. Hopefully everyone will be out again for the race on Saturday.
I just finished up a nice block of hard training and will be enjoying a bit of a recovery week with some lower intensity training, though the volume will still be pretty good at least on the bike. Anyways, I guess I really can't use the weather as an excuse to not go swimming so gotta go.
I missed my coach's birthday yesterday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARETH!!!

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