Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Hate Packing

One of the things in life I quite possibly hate the most is packing. I even have nightmares about it... I have to be somewhere and no matter how hard I try to get everything packed I never get finished and therefore never get to wherever I am suppose to be going. Sadly my time here in Alabama has come to an end and the weather has warmed up in the Great White North, so home it is. It am therefore procrastinating on the packing and blogging instead. I made the most of my last training day here, which was gorgeously warm and sunny by getting in a huge mountain bike/run brick in at Oak Mountain. It seems I wasn't even close to being the only one to think a day out on the trails was a good idea as the parking lot was almost full when I pulled in at 8:30am. A group of over 100 crazy people had decided to do the local 50km trail run. I think of myself as an elite athlete that puts in a solid bit of run training and I wouldn't even think of entering that length of a run. That being said, I was truly amazed at the diverse group of individuals racing. One guy was seriously wearing blue nylon basketball shorts and a cotton t-shirt. Of course he was also sporting the latest, greatest garmin forerunner, go figure. Anyways, back to packing or it's going to be a long night.

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