Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

That is to all the Canucks out there. I am spending the long weekend up at the cottage in Muskoka enjoying the amazing fall colours and incredible weather so I decided to change up the the blog to reflect the season. A little hard to read but kinda fun anyways. Sunday we had a great family dinner with my Aunt, Uncle and four cousins on my Mum's side, stuffing ourselves with the usual turkey and such then finishing off the evening with a spirited game of dice, which coincidentally I won!
Only two weeks to go before Xterra Worlds and training has been going great. It is always motivating to come off a great race and put in a block of training right after still feeling good. It just seems easier to dig deep when you have just been reminded of how all the hard work pays off. I am just finishing off the last couple of hard workouts before taper time!!!
Not much of a post, but hey life can't always be super exciting!!
Couple of more photos from Xterra USA in Utah.

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