Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Maui Bound

Not a bad place to be headed at the end of October, though I have to say the weather has cooperated and let me get in all the training needed before the World Championships. Unfortunately it is going to be a quick trip, in and out for the race with little time to spend relaxing on the beach. I've given up trying to explain to people not associated with triathlon that this does not constitute a vacation!! Until after the race on Sunday there will be minimal time even spent outside, forget laying on the beach or engaging in any fun water sports. So I am in the Vancouver airport after an uneventful 5 hour flight from Toronto. (didn't get charged for the bike and empty middle seat) 3hour layover here then 6 hrs to Maui. Long day!! Next post from Hawaii!!!! Okay so the WiFi still works on the plane so I will add a bit more. I seem to be stuck in the baby section. At least three of them are screaming right now. Oh joy. Especially since I am on east coast time and it is already 9pm. Hopefully they will get it all out and sleep for the flight. Make that 5, 2 more just sat down. Good thing I brought earplugs!!!

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