Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun in LA

Well lactate/VO2 testing can hardly be called fun, probably the most painful 30+ minute workout you can do, but getting the data back is sorta fun if you like the "science behind the sports" stuff and don't mind bruised finger tips for a day or so. Monday morning, feeling pretty good after a whole day in the car on Sunday, I headed over to the Culver City Plunge (great name for a pool) for a quick, easy swim session. Not that I'm complaining about the pools in Tucson, but what a great facility; long course, salt water, nice and cool temp. and open for lap swimming all day!!! I love swimming long course and so rarely get to do it these days. Short of sneaking into the U of A pool, it is all yards all the time in Tucson. (at least it is outside)
From there I headed over to Helen's Cycles in Santa Monica to do a bike fit with guru Nate Loyal. I have never done a professional fit so I was pretty excited to see what he thought of my personal fitting experiment. Apparently I pretty much got it all wrong. We ended up moving my saddle back almost 5cm and shortening the stem 3cm. We also added shims to my cleats to stabilize my pedal stoke. As drastic as it sounds I didn't really feel all that different on it after the changes but after a ride back at home I am definitely able to stay down in the aerobars comfortably through the whole ride and expect the power to start getting back to where it belongs after a bit more training on it.
With my new bike position it was directly over to the lab for the bike test. Not ideal, but since I don't get out to LA to see Gareth all that often, we didn't have much choice. I haven't done any testing in over two years so we really needed to get some accurate numbers to make sure the training sessions are where they need to be. I had a feeling the bike numbers were going to be a bit off with the new bike and position, but thankfully it was just a bit low at the top end with my aerobic base good and strong. Easily fixed!!!! It was also the first time I have done a VO2 test so it was interesting to see the results of that though I have to admit still a bit unsure of what exactly they mean. Guess that is why I have a coach :)
working HARD :)) with the lovely green mask on
Lab graph for all you techies out there

Tuesday morning it was back to the lab for the run test. Legs were a bit fatigued but that's how you have to race triathlons anyways. My run has been feeling really good and the results showed lower HR's over the entire test with just a bit more lactate production at threshold but even still able to push to a higher level :) Now if I can just figure out how to run more on my mid-foot and with higher heels and knees I'll be flying (for me anyways)

More Data :))

After the test it was quick lunch and right back in the car for the drive home, yuck. Bit of a whirlwind trip but lots of great information and feedback to keep moving forward in the right direction. I would have loved to stay for a couple more days, SoCal is definitely a Landscape Architect's dream and with everything in spring bloom I could have spent hours wandering around just looking a people's gardens. One of these days...

Back in Tucson it is business as usual. The temp's are heating up and I'm feeling better about where I am fitness wise and where I need to get. Big weekend of training ahead then it is back to Miami for the first race in the Lifetime Fitness Series, South Beach :)

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