Saturday, April 9, 2011

Yeah for Xterra!!!

Just a quick blurb before heading to bed (it's race day tomorrow!!!) Last Sunday after an incredibly sub-par interval session on my TT bike I made the decision to skip the first race of the Liftetime Fitness Series in South Beach and head to Las Vegas for the opening race of the Xterra USA Series. Still more time and work is needed on that bike before I will be comfortable and able to produce the kind of power I need to be competitive on the road and it just didn't feel right to head back to Miami and not be able to race like I know that I am capable of. As soon as I made the decision and talked it over with the coach I knew it was the right one, stress gone, happy face back on :))))

Looking forward to a great race tomorrow, especially after watching Paula Findley take the win at the ITU WCS Sydney race!!! What a great way to get psyched up for race day...

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